Actress and spouse of Nigerian singer, 2Baba, Annie Idibia, has revealed that she prefers to be called by her name instead of being called Tubaba’s wife.

Annie Idibia reveals

Annie revealed this in an interview where she spoke about her career and marriage. She said,

This year started for me quite tough. I spent the first three months of this year in the hospital with my father because he had been sick for a while but God has been great and I am grateful. I am actually closer to my mother than my father because she raised us single-handedly. My father is still my father and since he was sick we had to rally round him.

Growing up with only my mother really affected my life and I suffered and I do not ever want my children to face the agony of not having both parents together because it was so hard for us. Even right now, the way the world is, children are more enlightened than we were in our days, so the pressure would be harder on the kids from broken homes right now. I do not want my children to ever experience that.”

Concerning her career and how she would love to be addressed:

I took a break from my career because after I got married, I got pregnant so I had a baby and had to get used to the new life. I think I did not do any movie for about three years. Being addressed as Tubaba’s wife instead of Annie the actress has been a problem that I have been trying to work on for a long time.

“I want to believe that I have successfully been able to identify and differentiate my brand as Annie Idibia the actress/career woman and Annie Idibia the wife/mother. I prefer being addressed as Annie and not Tubaba’s wife. I hate this because I am my own person and have worked hard to build my career and brand. I should be identified and respected on that basis.”



  1. Your reasons are good, but for me I rate it 70%. You’ve worked hard to build your career that’s true, but no matter what your husband’s name should not be missing in your name cause what settles a woman is a man name.
    2baba is recognized everywhere, so also Annie
    Therefore celeb + celeb = you should know.
    So I disagree with you ma. Thank you.

  2. That’s why you celebrities do brake up time and time, if your husband name Boeing add to yours will it downgrade who you are rather it will upgrade who you are, so please stop thinking that way

  3. If this is her claim that means she is keeping an affair somewere God sake u should be proud to answer roll call calling u 2baba,s wife adds more valuable to your commitment to marry him Annie be sincere to that nice man be committed to make him happy devotes ur time for him and be proud of him

  4. Annie, you’re such a beautiful nd ambitious woman, even before u met Innocent Idibia, but, you should at least get the thought off yr mind, it’s not healthy for a wonderful family like yours. .


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