Just a day after Prophet TB Joshua predicted that Hillary Clinton will win the November 8, 2016 US Presidential election, another powerful Zambian prophet has predicted who will win the election tomorrow.

Prophet Isaac Amata who is very popular in his country said that according to what God told him, Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States of America.


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  1. I predict say tomorrow go b Tuesday, some people go go work and some people go stay for house, some people go chop while some people go buy food on credit!! Just watch out for prophet sarah

  2. Predict! Predict!! Predict!!! Everybody is a pastor, I think you should predict how buhari will will stop punishing the innocent and poor people in Nigeria, and leave united state, alone

  3. Naija dey ova joblex n dump dax y u see dem bhave lyk idiot.. Wats our biznex wit american elect.. Wat ve u don o who ve u saved wit ur foseen vission in ur own country… Decievers..

  4. Why dont you prophecy into Nigeria maybe fuel would sell at N45 per liter and bag of rice will sell for just 5k before december then we’ll know ure a man of God

    If you should put in such political efforts into your member’s lives,people will be blessed financialy and other wise in ur church..

    Even ministers of foreign affairs are not this concerned abt this election stuff like this so called men of God..

  5. I love Nigeria fake prophets oh sorry self acclaimed men of GOD they can see evil things and rubbish things about Nigeria and good things about another country, now is the turn of Hillary Clinton after they all deceived gej finished and the otuoke man fall mugu for the fake men of God he gave them 7 billion naire to share that is why our former ineffectual buffon claiming to make billionaire during his term. Back to fake men of Satan that cannot see what and what they will eat tomorrow claiming God told them this and that

  6. If you know u like to dey predict why don’t you go for baba ijebu golden chance lotto that will earn u a lot of money instead of staying at one stupid house of yours and start predicting what d future holds #u better go find job to do before u are accused of stealing indomie in d community #alainishe

  7. Make una keep una prophecies aside, cos I no n no go trust all this Naija pastors n prophets.. Some dey seek for attention n some dey busy dey make money… Na so una go tell ma jona say na him go win n him come me dey sponsor una church n at last na baba can’t me win..
    I dey VEXZZ for una n MK una no come try am here for America own

  8. Weitin cornce Nigerian with Americans u no felt prophecies say buhari go die tomorrow n another president go take place rule say Nigerian go bata una go cum dy prophecies weitin dem no snd una

  9. You don’t need any prophesy to know that Hilary Clinton will win the presidential election in USA. I can be a better prophet than this man as far as i follow the trend in thr news.

  10. I like my Nigeria people,but before una fall my hands,when somebody just finished school and work fail him,he go com carry bible cos he no Sa bible no go fail,call himself man of God.I profesy Sa u go drive car when u no to driving school,my people just forget this people u only get what u work for,

  11. There must be a lot of money at stake in this venture. For quite sometime, our men in cassocks have been very quiet. I understand that Pastor TBJ saw the recession coming. Will the miracle-workers and star-gazers please tell us when Nigeria will come out of recession. That’d be more soothing than the outcome of the impending US election. Living has suddenly become a comedy. Jehovah sees to the soul.

  12. When stupidity reaches d peak… U will know d truth n still say u prophecies dat d truth is d truth…. #hilaryclitton surely win so tell t.b Josiah n is fellow men to go n mind there business n help out country not helping USA… shut!

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