Nollywood Actress, Mary-Remmy Njoku recently revealed some inside information about marriages.

According to the Actress who has been married for 10 years, being married comes with responsibilities and headaches because it is never going to be rosy all the time. She however added that the couple just have to remind themselves daily that they are in love and are in the marriage together.

She also joked that any marriage without issues is not a real marriage.

In her words;

10 years in marriage no be beans and if i tell you it’s been Rosy, i’d be lying.

I got a message from my friend saying I need to start making noise, that people need to know about my marriage and I am like when I think of the journey I realize it’s not been easy. I’m too tired to make noise.

I have also realized that most of the people who “make noise” in their marriage, those who always come on social media to say “I love him, the love is too sweet” etc. I don’t know how you guys do it but this my own that seems perfect isn’t, we just love each other and we have to remind ourselves that we are together in the marriage.

Sometimes I come online to post some things and people will say “e be like say her marriage dey shake”

Marriage dey always shake from Day 1, any marriage that is not shaky, no be marriage be that.

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