Nigerian singer Sanni Goriola Wasiu also known as Lil Frosh has shared online that if anything happens to him, Yhemolee should be held responsible.

Recently the singer called out the socialite for allegedly assaulting him. He stated that Yhemolee slapped him because he refused to greet him.

Lil Frosh emphasized on the fact that he did nothing wrong to the socialite before he was assaulted.

He has now shared in a recent post on his Instagram story while attaching pictures of fresh injuries that if anything happens to him, Yheemolee should be held accountable.

According to Lil Frosh, Yhemolee had started threatening him few hours after he shared online that he was assaulted by the socialite.

He wrote on his Instagram story;

“If anything bad happens to me Sanni Goriola Wasiu “Lil Frosh” Hold @Yhemo_lee responsible for it!!!! He’s threatening me.”

He also added in another video he shared that the fact that he chose not to interact with the socialite does not give him the right to bully him.

“Just because I no dey greet you or I dey give you silent treatment? Haba!! Na problem to keep mute!?!? I no wan greet you and follow you talk bro!! Nah crime? Omooooo, stop bullying me @Yhemo_lee”

Watch the video below;

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