A mother has sparked concern from netizens after she shared a cryptic post online.

The mother of one shared an emotional video on her TikTok page, hinting about going through a difficult phase.

In the video, she’s seen crying profusely while appealing to netizens to tell her son that she tried her best if anything happens to her.

“Incase anything happens to me tell my son I tried my best🙏🏽🥹.” She captioned the video.

Reacting, netizens trooped to the comment section to console her.

A social media user @lucicater wrote, “Nothing will happen, no situation is permanent. Remember the worst moment u have been thru n u made it, even this one u will make it in Jesus name 🙏🙏.”

@kabyrhu mariah, Fight mamaa. It’s never easy but we move regardless. Have strength so that YOU, you will tell ur son of how strong you were and conquered. Hang in thr.”

@kobusingeshallon, “Dont forget that hes still young so he nds much of ur love please its not time to give up,trust in God u will go through it.”

@Bright303018 wrote, “No try leave that innocent child in this lonely and wicked world….be strong you will win the battle 🙏👍💪💪💪.”

@cashtym advised, “Don’t do anything that will hurt your son he loves you remember that no pain is permanent.”

watch video below,

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