Actor Gideon Okeke tells

Popular Nollywood actor, Gideon Okeke has averred that men deserve accolades for staying sane with the level of ‘free’ nudity on social media.

The married father of three, in a post shared on his Instastory, told women to praise their partners for remaining faithful in spite of the racy images they are exposed to on social media.

 Actor Gideon Okeke tells

Stating that men are victims, the 39-year-old actor said words can’t express the amount of temptations they face on a daily basis and they should be applauded for staying chaste.

He wrote,

“Dear Society..

We have to give it up to Men! We really do o.

Cos the rate at which ny*sh is on free display on social media eh, na Man be the victim here. Everyone has to be thankful for the grace of stepping out and coming back home safe. Everyone. But some have to be specially thankful for the grace of their man owning a phone, and yet staying sane.

Stepping out and yet unsullied. It’s crazy out there! And you don’t have to be “out there”.. to go crazy!”

A while back, Gideon Okeke told his male colleagues that they are not on the same level with their female counterparts.

Taking to his Instagram page, the actor spoke of the disequilibrium in the Nigerian movie industry and asserted that actors are second class citizens in the industry.

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