Sat Guru Maharaj ji, has called on President Buhari to appoint him as his ‘spiritual adviser and also as Minster of Petroleum.

Maharaji made his ambitions clear during a press briefing to mark the 26th year ‘Anniversary Celebrations of Nigeria Declaration as the new Holy Land of the Universe which held at the Maharaj ji village, along Lagos/Ibadan Expressway.

At the conference, the Guru said the federal government needs to increase the wages and improve on the welfare of judges in the country to stop the temptation of receiving bribes directly or through agents. He also called for the creation of state police, saying it would help improve the security situation in the country.

He also advised the federal government to reveal the names of those involved in the mismanagement of funds of some privatised Nigerian companies, including Nigerian Airways, Ajaokuta Steel, Delta Steel, Nigeria Electric Power Authority among others.

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