It’s a good day Brethren, it’s April 1st. Happy New Month Y’all, Happy April Fools’ Day. Did you fool someone today or you were Fooled?

It’s just not a day for practical jokes and spreading hoaxes, or a day to play pranks. It’s also a day set aside to celebrate Fools all around the World. So if you are a Fool, today is for you. It’s your Day, I’m not saying it’s your birthday o because I know you’re a fool, you might be thinking I’m thinking it’s your birthday. Lol.

I know Fools don’t know they are foolish, the day you know you’re foolish is the day you stop being a Fool. I know some people are not foolish, but they love playing for a Fool. I do it sometimes too. But some people are actually foolish. Most girls are foolish. I’m sorry but it’s true not like guys are not foolish too tho but…

I’m sure a Guy with some large amount of followers on IG is having sex with a girl so that he can give her shoutout on a Wednesday and she can pose to be his WCE or WCW. I know Rilimillz be getting some free pumpum just cause they want to get a shoutout.

A boy that is using iPhone 4 promises to buy you iPhone 7, he told you 7 knacks to get an iPhone 7, that after the 7th knack he would present you the phone, that if you want 7s you would sing to his microphone(suck is ?, the s is for suck). He has knacked you 4 times already now, 3 more knacks to Go, I don’t even have anything to say to you just Happy April Fools’ Day Dearie.

He’s just my friend, there’s nothing between us, can’t I just go to my friend’s place and sleep over? Can’t I hang out with him? Can’t we shower together and not do anything? Oh yeah baby, you can. When you get to his place call me, let me speak to him. Happy April Fools’ Day Broski.

To those of us fooling someone by letting them take us for a fool or by letting them play us for a fool, let us wish them happy April Fools’ Day because they are the real Fools.

So for everybody that’s been a Fool or that’s being played for a Fool, I say Happy April Fools’ Day. To the writer of this too, I want you to know you’re foolish for writing this so Happy April Fools’ Day to you too, finally to the person reading this… Happy April Fools’ Day, Fool.

Written by 1YabaLeftGuy from YabaLeft and it’s Online, Oshey

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