Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi, has lambasted fans and followers advising her to leave social media for now.

Recall that, only a few days after Korra welcomed her second baby, Athena, her husband, Justin Dean, announced that he was divorcing her.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, March 15, Justin, who revealed that he’s divorcing the mother of two because he’s tired of the “narcissism and lack of accountability”, accused her of being unbothered about their marital crisis.

However, on Wednesday morning, Korra went live while making breakfast, and some people urged her to take a break from social media.

She slammed them, telling them that social media is a job for her and how she makes her money.

She asked how they expected her children to eat if she wasn’t creating and getting paid on social media. She then told her advisers that not everyone is on social media for fun.

The mother of two added that more than ever, she needs to be on social media now so that she can fend for herself and her kids.

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