A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share how her aunty, whom she met at an occasion restyled her revealing dress.

The lady identified as @ayitara on TikTok uploaded a point of view video, recording herself in her revealing lace dress in a car, stating that she met her aunt at an occasion. The video displayed an open part of her chest region revealing her part of boobs and cleavage.

Upon getting to the event, she encounter her aunty, who restyled her revealing dress in public. Her aunty was captured inserting a white clothing in between her dress to cover the revealing area of her dress.

The video shared on TikTok, garnered numerous comments from viewers who concurred that the lady’s dress portray indecency. While others applauded her aunty for covering her niece, some criticized the lady’s choice accessories.

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@seleye_fubara Instead of she to tell you to remove the necklace as it isn’t right for your neckline

@edofinestcut How do u even wear such necklace in that dress. That dress doesn’t need no dam necklace

@liveshotmagic For she to actually allow her aunty to cover her up, say a lot, she is actually raise right, and frm a good background..
Mayb she just wanted to step out Frm the norm a little bit, but her aunt did a reset ..

@gracie__u So your aunty couldn’t ask you to remove that necklace????

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