Following the reports that a Babcock University student, identified as Godknows Adolphus Owhor otherwise known as Yangy, was called out for allegedly raping a whopping 24 ladies, he has now come out to react to the allegations.

Godknows’ alleged victims came forward with their stories after a Twitter user @caramelangiee shared screenshots of a DM she received from one of his victims.

The victim, who chose to stay anonymous narrated an encounter she had with Yangy… how he aggressively raped her when he invited her to his place in the guise that they’ll be going out together.

This followed with other victims, one who claimed he’s a pedophile, another claiming to be his cousin – the report spread like wildfire and it flew with the tale that the number of ladies he’d raped amounted to 24.

In a new video, Yangy, looking distraught and filled with emotions challenged any of the ladies who claimed he’d raped them to reveal themselves and own up to their allegations.

According to Yangy, the thought of suicide crossed his mind after he saw the claims that were doing harm to his name. He stated that it was the intervention of his relatives that curbed him from committing suicide.

He then threatens to sue whoever comes out with the claim that he raped her. Watch him speak below,



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