Sameria Gbieor, the baby mama of a Liberian celebrity chef, Chauncy Yarngo, has called him out for allegedly physically assaulting her.

Baby mama of Liberian

The fitness model took to Facebook to share photos of her bleeding face and alleged that her baby daddy is a chronic woman beater.

Baby mama of Liberian

She wrote;

“This is what y’all celebrity chef does to a woman. This is not his first or the second time. I’m tired protecting someone who will never protect me. Chauncy Yargo YOURE GOING TO JAIL.”

The mother of two also claimed that Chaucy doesn’t have anything to his name and he wouldn’t be where he is without her influence. She also spilled some allegations against him and labelled him a disgrace to Liberian men.

She wrote;

“Chauncy Yarngo doesn’t have a license, he doesn’t have a car (he uses mine like the bum that he is) he’s broke as fuck. He don’t have shit in his name. He doesn’t even have credit. If it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t even be where he is right now. He is very lazy and dirty.

He is a manipulative cheating ass, bum ass nigga. He doesn’t have no ownership in WorldTaste Atlanta . There is so much that you guys don’t know about this man. But the truth will always come out. And all the people supporting him are JUST as bad or even worse than him. I made sure my landlord changed my locks until I get back to Atlanta to get my things. Chauncy is a disgrace to Liberian men.”

See her post and more photos below,

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