Baby rescued

A potential tragedy was averted in the Badagry area of Lagos state when a good Samaritan rescued a baby who had been thrown into a river by the mother.

A video shared on social media shows the man rescuing the baby from a river where the mother had dumped him, leaving him for dead.

After the baby was brought out of the river, the man and some passersby tried to revive him and remove the water he had ingested from his system.

Baby rescued

When interrogated, the mother who seemed to be mentally unstable, said she is tired of life. She also mentioned that her baby has lived long enough as he has done his naming ceremony and could now depart from the world.

Meanwhile, the passersby who saved the baby have since taken him to the hospital for medical care.

Watch videos from the incident below,

The video has sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some opining that the mother has postpartum depression.

Read some comments as you scroll,

@fabbie_beauty wrote, “Chai, poor child 😢, they should also check that woman, cause I don’t think she’s mentally stable. Postpartum Depression is one thing we don’t talk about enough in this country 😔”

@opiaegbe wrote, “Chai innocent poor child i have cried my eyes out. God”

@jenibeh_10 wrote, “Why didn’t she throw herself inside n leave the baby for someone else”

@mamaariella wrote, “As someone who tried tirelessly for 10 years to have a child before I finally had my first child this just made me cry. God please hear the cries of women who are TTC, give them these babies instead of those who will throw them away, please God☹️”

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