A viral video of a man presenting a bundle of firewood to a couple at their wedding reception has sparked reactions online.

In the trending clip, the male wedding guest approached the couple where they were seated and presented them with firewood as a wedding gift.

The couple accepted the present with a large smile on their faces, despite its oddness.

The video went viral after it was shared online and elicited a range of reactions from social media users. While some people found the choice of gift hilarious, others opined that gifting a couple firewood on their big day is a bad omen.

Reacting an Instagram user @lincoln_city_empire wrote, “I will reject it cause that a bad sign to my marriage”.

@seunodutayo, on the other hand wrote, “It’s not the gift that matters, see the happiness, Nigerian have a long way to go OOO. Everything is money to us”.

@moibiadekunle wrote,

“The firewood is not different from someone who gives you flowers and is even more useful depending on the environment you finds yourself to make fire for either cooking, barbecue, or generating heat in winter. The Whites create value around what they do, African should learn to create value in whatever we do.”

@arinzennamdi, “In the spiritual side, fire 🔥 woods means SUFFERING”.

Watch the video below,

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