So it looks like the talented big brother housemate has found herself in a love triangle in the house – we all know how the mother of one is into ThinTallTony and all but lately she has taken to Bally but it seems Bally is not responding as she expected.

She revealed that she has fallen in love with Bally from day one in the house but for the fact that she is older than him. She said of her relationship with ThinTallTony and Bally:

“With Tony I can be myself. I like him a lot and after the show we will be very very close.”

On third party between her and TTT she said:

“I know that he is really into Tboss”

Bisola got cozy with Bally lately and she said of her feelings for him:

“I will be honest. When I came into the house I did like Bally because I have this policy on I cannot date anybody younger than me so no go area.”

Comparing Bally to TTT Bisola said:

“With Bally, it is one sided. I like Bally though but TTT can tolerate my excesses though I told him he shold let me know if I am overdoing it.”

Other Housemates went ahead to share their emotional feelings – for Debbie Rise her emotions are to Bassey whom she said she sees more than just a friend, Newly married Efe and Marvis seem to be taking their pseudo-wedding to another level.

Marvis said of Efe:

“He is my love, love. I have a soft spot for Efe naturally.” While Efe said of Marvis: “The feeling is mutual.”

Tboss plans to kidnap ThinTallTony to herself for one day – TTT like Bisola is also in a love triangle. He has something for Bisola and also Tboss. He said this about Bisola:

“There is a level of understanding between us. She is just on point and she dey make me mad. She is very creative.”

And for Tboss, he said: “As at yesterday she said she will kidnap me one day.

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