Kiddwaya, Ozo, Prince and Dorathy have been put off for possible evictions this coming Sunday.

possible eviction

These housemates got the highest number of nominations after each housemates was given the opportunity to nominate two housemates for possible eviction.

This was how they voted,

TrikyTee- Prince and Kiddwaya

Vee – Prince and Dorathy

Prince – Ozo and Nengi

Kiddwaya- Vee and Prince

Dorathy- Kiddwaya and Neo

Laycon – Ozo and Dorathy

Neo – Prince and Dorathy

Nengi – Dorathy and Prince

Ozo – Prince and Kiddwaya

Kiddwaya, Dorathy, Prince and Ozo got 3, 5, 5 and 3 nominations respectively.

It is now in the hands of viewers and fans to vote their favourites, if they want them to remain in the house. As the custom is, the housemate (s) with the lowest number of votes will be evicted.

In a related context, Trikytee emerged as the Head of House after the HoH game last night and choose Laycon as his deputy.



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