More housemates have been left stunned over Nini’s reappearance into Big Brother’s house — it’s seems delusional to them cause they’re all waking up from their sleep just to see her in the flesh.

Nini keeps adding salt to wound as she continues to toy with them acting as if she’s been in the house the whole time they thought she had disappeared.

Whitemoney and Emmanuel particularly were virtually left speechless as they gazed upon the half-Indian half-Nigerian beauty they were looking for throughout the previous day.

Queen and Cross on the other hand kept questioning her as well, with Nini giving responses that makes them seem delusional. She even went on to ask Saga why he ate her moi-moi… recall that while Saga was being devastated over her disappearance, he was briefly seen eating moi-moi and pap to probably suppress his emotions.

When the housemates kept pressuring Nini about why she wasn’t with Saga at any point of the day, she said she thought it was because Saga was still angry with her after a fight they had.

Watch her puzzle the housemates,

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