Big Brother Naija season 7 is in its full first week and already the housemates have given so much highlights and content.

Last night, shortly after the Saturday party, Beauty and Ilebaye broke into a verbal altercation that almost turned physical.

At one point, Beauty walked up to Ilebaye who was sat calmly by the table and she yanked off Ilebaye’s hat and Wig.

Ilebaye however kept her cool and the confrontation no longer got physical.

Beauty has been trending since last night and some social media users/Viewer of the reality show have predicted that Beauty might be issued a strike or worse still, disqualified.

Some comments below ;

Ngozi Grace – Fight happened because Groovy rocked and danced with Chomzy and Chomzy was Ilebaye’s Roommate at the Hotel where they lodged for 7days, so she is transferring aggression on Ilebaye because she felt Ilebaye was supporting Chomzy and not her. It’s a whole mess

Onyeke – She is getting disqualified, because tacha no do pass like this and got disqualified.

Khe Meh – This people did not come to win money😂😂. Why would there be so many ships in just 7 days, every discussion is about ship. Funny people.


  1. She see Ilebaye finish, make she try am with the Edo girl she go collect. Abeg biggie must do something about it o.tor!

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