Jackye Madu didn’t mince words and left none unsaid when tendering the question of the people she does not get along with amongst the Pepper Dem ex-housemates.

In a new episode of the reunion show, the software engineer was asked who she considered her friend in the house and without hesitation, she mentioned Venita and Enkay.

According to her, the duo were more like her sisters to her than friends. Jackye who has, over time, made it clear that she’s not a fan of Tacha, said she did not vibe with controversial ‘disqualified’ ex-housemate.

According to Jackye, if she doesn’t vibe with someone, they then don’t exist to her.

After she was asked if the feelings had always been like that for Tacha, Jackye admitted that for the first few weeks in the house, she tried to bond with Tacha but gave up on the idea because she didn’t want to get angry.

Jackye went on to say she didn’t want to give anyone the authority to control her emotions or make her that angry — before then, Thelma was asked about her infamous fight with Tacha over a piece of fish, in the first week in the BBNaija house.

Thelma said she didn’t start the fight for the sake of the show and that Tacha blew things out of proportions. Tacha on the other hand, stated that she simply reacted to how Thelma approached her.

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