Kim Oprah reacts

Reality TV star, Chinonso Ibinabo Opara better known as Kim Oprah, has responded to a follower who insinuated that she used a ‘grounded’ jet to take pictures on her birthday.

This comes weeks after the former beauty queen, who turned 27 on December 15, 2022, chartered a customized private jet to celebrate her birthday.

Kim Oprah reacts

She had posted a video with the customized jet which was decorated with balloons and her name boldly written on the aircraft.

In the video, Kim could be seen catwalking on the walkway before entering the private jet which had its interior decorated with customized balloons as well.

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Eventhough it’s been a month since she posted the video, a follower took to the comment section to imply that she only rented the jet to take pictures and didn’t fly in it.

“How much did you pay to take pictures in that grounded jet?” the follower asked.

Reacting to the question, Kim gave a rather civil response to the follower, explaining how she was able to brand the jet and do as she pleased in it.

She further disclosed that she flew in the private jet with some friends and her make-up crew.

“They usually don’t let anyone brand Jets, but I always get what I want … as you can hear them popping the balloons, as it’s a risk to fly with.

Anyways! I don’t know about paying to take pictures but if you pay for a flight you can do whatever you want,” Kim responded in a TikTok video.

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