Alex says

Reality TV star, Alex Asogwa has revealed her intention to buy flowers for her once-adversary-turned-friend and fellow housemate, Ceec.

This might come as a surprise to many, considering the history of discord between Alex and Ceec since their time on the “Double Wahala” season in 2018.

 Alex says

Their conflicts even persisted into the “All Stars” show, marked by several heated altercations early in the season, and a mutual decision to ignore each other’s existence.

However, it seems that the two have chosen to set their differences aside and let peace reign. Lately, they have been spotted talking and having playful interactions in the house.

 Alex says

During Alex’s diary session this afternoon, she disclosed that she wants to buy flowers for Ceec as an act of kindness.

She, then, sought Biggie’s assistance to get the flowers with her moneypoint coins.

This gesture has sparked a flurry of comments on social media, with many applauding Alex.

@sasovidesse wrote, “As someone who likes Ceec I’m proud of Alex for the kind gesture. The girls can be great friends if only their fans can let them”

@makieyhite wrote, “If you have truly been watching the show you will know it’s not eye service, not everyone is bitter”

@officiallqueens wrote, “From all indication Alex has a good heart but ceecee will forever be hateful, she will still fall out, she doesn’t have a good character. Believe it or not”

@akanke_fikayomi wrote, “They have been laughing at jokes together and there was a time Alex climbed on her and was dancing and it felt like a friendly moment. If this is legit, I hopeeeeee it goes both ways and it is appreciated honestly. Forgiveness or reconciliation is very good, this life is too small. ❤️”

Watch the clip below,

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