Controversial Big Brother Naija: Pepper Dem housemate, Tacha‘s management has reacted to the viral video making the rounds online of her ‘snubbing’ music mogul, 2Baba.

The iconic Nigerian singer visited the Big Brother house last night and was given a warm welcome by the housemates. As celebrations were ongoing in the house, a short video that’s now making the rounds shows the singer gesturing the housemates by shaking them and when it got to Tacha’s turn, there seemed to be some sorta snub from her.

Tacha’s management reacts

Some of her fans have claimed that it’s possible she didn’t ‘notice him’ but others are convinced her act was intentional – reacting to the snubbing situation, Tacha’s management wrote on her page,

Normally we would wait to address this Tomorrow as we’d already said our good nights but this cannot wait another second. .
This video is making rounds on social media and it is being said that NATACHA “snubbed and ignored” @official2baba during his birthday visit to the house. .
DISCLAIMER please. .

Tacha was very excited to have the guests in the house and did not stop showing it.
She was all smiles and bubbly with Everyone till the very end of the party. .

We’re aware tunde has a huge dislike for Tacha over nothing and we’re honestly not bothered by it.
What we wouldn’t allow him have his way with his hate trend is making a LIE trend. .

At the point of this handshake, big Brother called the housemates and most of them felt he was going to put them on freeze so THEY ALL rushed to get a comfortable space to settle and at the point, the legend stretched out his hands to her and she being in a hurry DID NOT SEE nor NOTICE it and that is all. .

She later greeted 2baba with a huge smile and kept a positive energy till the party was over. .
Tacha would NOT ignore nor snub Tuface for any reason.
During her introduction she even said “she’s too happy to finally meet him in reality” .
SHE HAS HUGE RESPECT for him and would NEVER let that change. .

If you must hate, please do so with honesty and NOT lies. .
Stop using LIES to paint a narrative that suits you cause you have the audience as this is VERY unfair and unacceptable.
To every other person helping in trending this video with that false narrative, search your minds and do have a pleasant Night rest.

Watch the video below,



  1. You guys think we are fool abi see I be tacha lover but honesty for what that nobody did to 2baba I wonder I’d she will even respect the president if she win that 60m so I will never vote for such a person any more

  2. You guys think we are fool abi see I be tacha lover but honesty for what that nobody did to 2baba I wonder if she will even respect the president if she win that 60m so I will never vote for such a person any more

  3. I donno wat trash dis tacha’s wateva re saying. From d video, wasn’t it so clear dat she actually saw him coming?.. Pls stop siding nonsense and say d truth as it is

  4. Management Tacha, this is a complete and clear lies, please stop hiding behind a single finger. She saw 2baba giving hand shake from the extreme row towards ever extreme end while she calculated him and swayed off the row, meanwhile, 2baba already extended his hand, while she foolishly recirocated with her back side instead of recireocating with a similittude gesture..
    Too bad, it’s a clear attitude of arrogance and pride and barbaric error. Please, Tacha and Management, apologise!!!

  5. This video is nothing but an evidence that shows and proves the bitch that trash called tacha is. She is nothing but a piece of shit. Who does she thinks she is huh! Queen Amina of zaria? Nonsense. She doesn’t deserve anyone vote.

  6. Who be tacha self?this one way stretch marks done fall her breast, the breast come they like 3rd mainland bridge traffic ..with her correct body odour way they smell like ofada rice.

  7. So you are saying we are blind in?? Didn’t she see him. I mean they were all lined up, its impossible to miss him in such positioning… She’s just too full od herself.

  8. Tacha is so full of herself…
    She is such a snob

    Empty vessel makes d loudest noise..
    Most PEO there are classy (Seyi,Mike,Elo) but remain humble but Tacha is jus too arrogant its very likely she realy snobbed 2baba..she no deserve to win coz she got no morals to impact to d society


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