The Big Brother Naija reunion is upon us, and from the very first episode, it has been bereft with undiluted drama and tense moments.

In a latest higi-haga, some fans of the show took a certain Tweet from Wathoni out-of-context and they felt she was body shaming her fellow housemate, Dorathy.

Wathoni had taken to her page to Tweet ;

“The balloons were found shaking”

The Tweet made fans feel she was shading Dorathy because she had a tense moment in yesterday’s episode. However, Wathoni clarified that she was literally referring to the balloons that were on set during the filming.

She wrote ;

Totally lost me at body shaming . Abi una no see love balloons on set or it’s just in an attempt to troll as always. Ngwanu nau Coming from those who legit body shamed my beautiful armpit’s

Unsatisfied with her clarification, she later

She later took to her page to tender an apology to Dorathy and she insisted that she will never body-shame her.

In her words ;

I’ll do this because I stand for so many things but bodyshaming.
Now those who misinterpreted my words I never bodyshamed Dorathy Bachor and will never do that even in my next life.
Dorathy, Incase you also misinterpreted what I wrote I am publicly apologizing to you.
Again I did not and will never body shame you. @thedorathybachor .

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