Alex Unusual schools

Reality TV star, Asogwa Alexandra aka Alex Unusual, has given an intelligent response to a follower who requested for the sum of ten thousand Naira to buy her friend a birthday cake.

Alex Unusual schools

During a Q&A session on Alex’s Instagram page, the follower asked her for N10,000 to celebrate her friend whose birthday is coming up soon.

“Please can I get 10k from you, I want to get a cake and gift for my best friend and I am broke”, the follower asked.

In response, Alex said the follower’s friend should understand that he/she is broke and can’t get her anything.

She also chided the follower for begging for money instead of focusing on making and multiplying money.

Alex wrote,

“Your best friend should understand that you can’t afford this at the moment. I’ll be pissed as your friend if you are broke, and instead of looking for ways to make money and multiply it, you are looking for money to get me a cake that I’ll consume and forget.
I’m not giving you my darling and I hope you understand that I love you and take what you should take from this reply.”

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