Former Big Brother Naija reality TV star, Nina Ivy has remarried.

It should be recalled that Nina held her traditional wedding in 2020 to a Nigerian man named Anthony. She then relocated to the US and welcomed a son with her husband.

Well, in a new development, Nina’s marriage to Anthony has ended and the brand influencer has now married an African- American man identified as Chris Miller.

The mother of one has also changed her name on social media to reflect her new surname, “Miller”.

Nina and Chris reportedly met in 2021 and dated for seven months before they eventually tied the knot privately in a court in the United States of America, according to ThisDay.

Their wedding reportedly held in April of 2022.

A little while back, Nina reprimanded her two-year-old son, Denzel, for bullying his classmate on his first day at school.

The Atlanta-based mother of one received a minor incident report from her son’s school and it was reported that he pulled his classmate’s hair so hard that she fell to the ground.

Following his offence, his teacher had a heart-to-heart conversation with him and told him to stop using brutal force on his friends at school.

After receiving the report, Nina took to her Instagram page to share a picture of the report and asked her fellow moms how to discipline her son.

She then shared a video of herself scolding her son for his action, but Denzel, who was watching TV, was defiant to her words and didn’t listen to her. Watch video here

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