Tsatsii speaks

We may have another Big Brother wedding on our hands as Titans housemate, Tsatsii, 24, and Kanaga Jnr, 23, are head over heels in love with eachother.

The duo, who developed interest in each other from the beginning of the show, are currently in a ‘situation-ship’ as they are yet to define their relationship.

Tsatsii was initially uptight and found it difficult to open up her heart to Kanaga, but the tide has since turned.

Tsatsii speaks

While speaking with her co-star Nelisa in the garden recently, Tsatssi, who is from South Africa, shed some light about her relationship with Kanaga.

She said she had only dated South African men and didn’t even have a passport before participating in the show.

Tsatsii speaks

The engineering student said she did not expect to find love in the Big Brother house, but she has. According to her, she finds herself doing things for Kanaga that she would normally not do for a man.

She said she plans to visit Nigeria to spend time with the actor, and she doesn’t mind if they are broke and can only afford a small apartment.

“When I came in here I didn’t even think I will find somebody…I have never dated a man that is in a different country…I didn’t even have a passport until now…” she said in part.

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