Nollywood actress and producer, Mary Remmy Njoku has taken to her Instagram page to share a food for thought for women looking to date men who are getting set to return home from the abroad during the holidays.

The actress shared a story of the man who came back years ago and tried to deceive her with a lot of lies and a weird accent but she was not interested in his offer. It later turned out he was a barber in the UK, not the lawyer he claimed to be.

She further stated that a British accent was not a measure of intelligence or success and sapa was a universal thing everyone experienced.

In her words;

“Chai! Xmas don reach o I remember that year when an Area Bros came back from Jand with a weird accent and pocket full of lies. ‘I run a big law firm in London’ I wasn’t into him cos his
‘yarns’ were inconsistent.
And despite the ‘supposed’ BLOW, he wasn’t smart.
Well, I saw him at a barber shop in London few years later and he couldn’t even look at me.
The shoes didn’t lie. UK is real.
Well I said a prayer for him. Hope he is OK wherever he is.

Moral lessons.
£10 is now 10k. So be careful with IJGB this Christmas.
‘ I wanna gonna’ is NOT a measure of one’s intelligence or success📌📌
*Date who you truly like so you don’t feel deceived. *Sapa is a universal thing. E dey EVERYWHERE.”

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