A Nigerian lady going to lengths to recover her stolen iPhone has sent the social media space buzzing.

The lady, accompanied by some men went to the location where she had tracked down the stolen iPhone to and met an unsuspecting lady sitting and typing away on the phone.

The victim with her emotions high, tried to snatch the phone away from the other girl’s hands shouting that was her phone, with even its pouch intact. She narrated how her bag holding two hundred thousand naira and the phone in it were snatched.

Of course, the other lady would not give it up, asserting she bought the phone with her money and had no idea of the phone being stolen. This resulted in a shouting match until the other lady threw the iPhone down and the real owner quickly took it.

The other lady insisted they call the seller of the phone and when his number wasn’t going through, stated that they go to his residence.

Reacting to this, several netizens remarked how risky it is to buy second-hand phones. Here are some of the comments:

@olamideoficiall: So i go buy phone person go come dey tell me na him phone when no be me thief am . She is lucky that lady is calm

@Emi_bibe: Someone messaged me that my number keeps popping up as the owner of the phone, I asked what phone ,he told me, and I said bros you are with my phone, it was stolen from me on gun point. The guy para, I blocked the phone

@RaphFosterTech: You don’t need to harass the lady, just get the police involve. She can’t just hand over the phone to you na

@AjeboMezie: The tracker should have handled it better by asking questions first, not accusing her.

@fortune668: This phone owner self.. Women will always overreact.

See the video below,

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