Former DMW signee, Lil Frosh has denied allegations that he physically assaulted his girlfriend, Gift Camille, popularly known as Cute Geminme.

lilfrosh denies

Few weeks ago, Camille’s manager shared photos of her swollen face and accused the upcoming singer of constantly beating up his girlfriend to a pulp.

lil frosh

In a recent interview, Lil Frosh speaking about the domestic violence saga, said he didn’t do it and claimed he was speaking the truth.

According to him, she had a boil at the back of her ear due to an allergic reaction, and it kept growing bigger, which eventually caused the swelling on her face.

He claimed he loves her very much and cannot lay a finger on her.

Watch the video below,

The Instagram model has since reacted to her boyfriend’s claim that he didn’t physically assault her.

Gift Camille, in her response, wrote;

“Narcissists and lies 5 and 6. I’m really disgusted.”

She also attached a quote which reads;

“Not today, not this week, maybe not even this year, but one day, your mask will fall and they will see the monster I had to face alone. They will know that I wasn’t lying. There really was a demon behind that angelic face. They will know”.

lil frosh denies

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