A recent female graduate from a Nigerian university has shared the tactic she had to employ to avoid being sexually harassed by a lecturer.

The beautiful young lady who took to social media to celebrate her graduation from the university said she had to wear a wedding ring while in school, pretending to be married to avoid the lecturer’s sexual advances.

Sharing a video of herself dancing after her final exam, she revealed she was rejoicing primarily because she succeeded in completing school without giving out her body to a lecturer.

The recent graduate asked her followers in her caption, “Lecturer frustrate you to the point where you have to lie that you are married?”

Watch video below,

In other news, a Nigerian woman has caused a stir after she revealed that when she was going to marry her husband, she knew she was not the kind of lady he wanted.

In a video she shared via her TikTok page, the lady revealed that she didn’t meet her husband’s physical standards for the type of woman he wanted to be with, but he married her regardless.

She said his ideal woman was a chubby and exquisite-looking woman, all of which she lacked at the time.

She claims he chose her because of her unique qualities that set her apart from other women.

According to her, some of the qualities were that she was godly, knew about his business, came from a good family, and never asked him for money till they got married.

The husband, who was also in the video with the woman, attested that his wife was indeed not his type and highlighted more of the things that made him marry her.

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