Over a while now, there’s been series of stories of people’s money disappearing mysteriously from their ‘Kolo‘ Piggy bank with many saying it’s diabolic.

Beautiful Nigerian doctor

Now a Nigerian doctor has taken to her Twitter page to share her own strange experience.

Beautiful Nigerian doctor

According to her, she was expecting to see at least N20-N30k, but after breaking her piggybank she found only N600.

Read her tweets below,

Beautiful Nigerian doctor



  1. Your money can be remove using nifev or fork, if you don’t have anybody in your house, no cleaner or helper, then check out for spirit husband, you need to go proper deliverance. Good luck

  2. this same thing happen to me last
    year..i saved from january to june..my lowest domination dat i save d is #200 and u guys cant believe dat i found #700.. i cried my eyes out dat day..i can never forget

  3. lol,,, it happens to my wife too. she saved alot into her own kolo for a long time, from last year December till this year March ending. something just pushed her to break the koko. at list have gave her nothing less than 15k personally apart from the ones she saved too. unfortunately she break it and behold she found #6500 😔 . only 2 #1000 notes, 😂 after up to 12 #1000 notes I gave her o boy my wife cried o. but have to console her and share her part of my own. because thank God mine was more than hers when I broke mine kolo too. this stuff is from those guys making/building the kolo.


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