We are living in a society where we all like valuable prizes and it doesn’t hurt if the prize accompanies a nice lump sum of cash.

And if the opportunity comes where we have the chance of taking home a considerable cash prize along with a new car, we don’t need much convincing to participate such a the contest.

These types of contests are held all over the world. The winnable prizes can consist of a wide variety of items. For instance, it can be a new home, a new car, big cash prizes, and sometimes all three can be involved. Others have even been the winner of their own T.V. show. Therefore, as you can see, the prizes are limitless and can be whatever the sponsor wishes it to be.

Right now there are multiple contestants in Africa that are hoping to become winners of a competition that will award them not only popularity from winning a look-alike contest to that of a celebrity, but these Bbnaija contestants will also walk away with a new vehicle and become a little richer than they were in the past.

There are some contestants that win prizes instantly while others may have to go through a series of various competitions with others that can last for weeks on end, before eventually reaching the final goal.

There seems to be more cash prizes and valuables given away in the United States more than any other place known to man. You can literally become wealthy overnight. Many have had success playing the lottery or winning big time bucks by being a contestant on a game show. However, there is a caveat when it comes to winning the big deal on some game shows.

The ultimate surprise can come when some of the prizes that you have won are given to you as a cash value instead. With that said, once all the pomp and circumstance is over and you are ready to sign your prize sheet, you may find that some of the items you have won are labeled “cash-in-lieu” of an item you have won.

If this is the case you will not be given an opportunity to receive the actual prize. And you are not allowed to self-select any of your other prizes for their cash value. Some prizewinners will tell you that depending on what they have won, you don’t always get your prizes right away.

For example, if you win a new car on a game show, you may not drive that new car home that day. And neither do they immediately write you a check that day for any money that you may have won. It is important to realize that it can take anywhere from three to almost five months before you receive any of your winnings.

The amount of time that it takes is conducive to the prize department needing to verify that you were using the correct identity when you signed up to be a contestant on the show.

There have been a few people that have been caught impersonating others and have been arrested by law enforcement agencies and the prizes had to be given back. Also, those that live in other states have to pay the state taxes on the prizes they have won before they are allowed to take them home to their own city and state.

Therefore, if you are thinking of becoming a contestant on a big money and prize-winning contest—it may be beneficial for you to consider all the different things that winning may hold for you. This is especially true if it means that you will need to spend a little extra out of your pocket before you are able to enjoy the items you have won.



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