Popular reality TV star and actress, Bisola Aiyeola, has shared her grass to grace story as she maintains that there’s no award for suffering.

The mother of one, in a video recounting her life before her rise to stardom, noted that there was a point in her life when she was so destitute that she depended on neighbors for food.

According to her, coming out of that condition to a point where she can now afford comfort and eat whatever she desires, she attests that comfort is beautiful.

Bisola urged her fans and followers never to give up and to reach for any level of wealth they desire.

In her words,

“I just say let me drop this, it is unsolicited, but I said let me tell you guys something. I used to think like that before but not anymore. Firstly, there is no award for the best in suffering.

I can tell you that I have been extremely poor, poor in the sense that I can’t feed myself. I literally have to wait for neighbours to cook so I can greet them and be on the side where I can afford to purchase any kind of food that I like to eat.

Comfort is beautiful; comfort is essential for you mentally; it puts your mind at ease and at peace. If after comfort you decide to go for luxury, it is beautiful, don’t let anybody make you feel bad for desiring luxury things”.

Watch video below,

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