Controversial writer and activist, Reno Omokri has used the crises in Sudan and the Ukraine to argue that Nigeria is not the worst nation in the world.

Amidst the effort to evacuate stranded Nigerians in Sudan, the activist stirred reactions on social media with a notion to correct a stereotype about Nigeria.

Reno Omokri claimed that the safest course of action for Nigerians in South African, Ukrainian, and Sudanese crises was to return home.

He maintained that despite the alleged promise of a greener pasture outside of Nigeria, there are just as many unexpected problems there.

In his words;

“Before we open our mouths to run down Nigeria and call or the worst country in the world (it is not), let us learn from the Sudan crisis. With war raging in Sudan, what happened to Nigerians who had japa’ed to Sudan?

They are all trying to come home. When war hit Ukraine, what happened to Nigerians there? They were airlifted back home. When the xenophobic attacks erupted in South Africa, Nigerians were begging to be airlifted back home.

Why? Because not all that glitters is gold. And not every house is as good as your home. May God bless Nigeria and Nigerians!”

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