A young Nigerian man who drew a tattoo of popular crossdresser, Bobrisky on his arm has taken to social media to cry out for help.

The staunch fan of the crossdresser, identified as Lord Casted, went viral on the Nigerian web space in 2021 after he inked a tattoo of the male Barbie on his arm.

Although he seemed to have gone on a social media hiatus, he recently resurfaced as he cried for help from Nigerians, revealing that he’s been suffering from an ailment as a result of the tattoo.

In a video that is currently making the rounds online, the young man looked to be a shadow of himself, appearing pallid as he spoke about the mysterious illness that has left him wobbly and weak.

He appealed to Nigerians to help plead with Bobrisky for forgiveness.

“Hello guys it’s Lord Casted. Do you remember the guy who tattooed Bobrisky on his arm? I am here o. All I wanted was just help, now I got the disease from the machine they used to draw the tattoo. I am already taking my dru*gs, I am okay, I am fine.

I am shaking like this because I am still taking the dru*gs, so I want to beg all Nigerians, all bloggers to help me beg Bobrisky to forgive me, he should just make sure I am okay, please.” He said.

Watch him speak below,

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