Bella Shmurda warns

Nigerian singer, Bella Shmurda has issued a stern warning to anyone who intends to offend him now or in the future.

The ‘Cash App’ singer in a post shared on Snapchat stated that he does not believe in forgiving people and would always strike back when someone wrongs him regardless of how long it takes.

Bella Shmurda warns

According to the 27-year-old, people should consider it carefully before doing anything to offend him.

He wrote; ”I don’t believe in forgiveness, before you offend me think twice! It might take tons of years, I will always strike back at the right time.”

This is the second time Bella Shmurda is revealing that he is big on revenge and would not hesitate to come for anyone who wrongs him.

In May 2022, he tweeted;

”Not everyone accept apology,

”Some of us believe in revenge.


Meanwhile, Bella Shmurda recently shared his amazing birth story in celebration of his 27th birthday.

“I was born around 3am in the midnight, My mum said it was so hard for her but there was Goat outside the traditional hospital screaming meeeeeeehhh and while it was doing that, I was coming out slowly till I was born.

The goat did not stop screaming at the backyard of the hospital in Ikorodu, to be precise ita elewa wera street,” he tweeted.


  1. Yes, that right
    Forgiveness is a sin only 4 the heartless ones in dark word🌏 but com to think 💭 4 this.. What of if you offend god
    And seek for forgiveness and God didn’t forgive you,, will you become that bella shmurda again..
    Brother e choke we no but try to 4giv no one know tomorrow
    Use your6 be4 7🤔🧠

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