Best friends who met

Two best friends who met as schoolgirls at age 14 have narrated how they fell in love after one transitioned to a man.

The BBFs, identified as Aaron, 25, and Kayla, 26, met for the first time at school in Tennessee, before Aaron moved thousands of miles with his family to Oregon.

They however remained friends and eventually reunited six years later, fell in love and got married to each other.

Best friends who met

According to Aaron, he has been attracted to girls from his teenage years and his parents who are religions people and disapproved of same-sex relationships, were disappointed in him and took him to a pastor to ‘remove’ the feelings.

He said,

“My early years were challenging because I knew from a young age I wasn’t feeling what others my age were feeling.

“As I started to mature and go though puberty it became evident to me something didn’t feel normal and I started doing my own research.

“Because of my background I never explored my feelings – I was so sheltered from the existence of the LGBTQ+ community.

“When I came out gay at first, my family were extremely disappointed and they kept making excuses as to why I was saying these things.

“They made me see the pastor at our church to try and ‘cure’ my feelings, and they then started saying I was simply not praying hard enough.”

Best friends who met

However, at 16, he got a job at McDonald’s and saved enough money to move out of his parent’s house, and began his transitioning journey.

During this period, Kayla was very supportive of his transition and even helped him administer his testosterone supplements.

Aaron and Kayla, who run a social media company together, disclosed that they had an instant connection and decided to take things further by getting married.

Best friends who met

Aaron said: “Me and Kayla are happily married and all the trials and tribulations I’ve been through to get to this point have been so worth it.

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