A Nigerian lady, Anate Adeleke, has stirred reactions as she advised women to stay in an abusive marriage with a rich man rather than settle with a broke man.

She stated this while reacting to a Twitter user, Jon Doe, who narrated how a woman went ahead and married her abusive Yahoo boy fiancé against his advice.

Jon Doe wrote;

“The day I made up mind not to advise any woman in this community was the day I shared a DM from a woman whose fiancé was so abusive and a yahoo boy.

After all said and done, she still married the man.

Any advise I give to women is just me doing it because of my God.


In response, Anate stated that it is better to be with a man who provides for you despite the abuse than to be with a poor man who has nothing to offer.

She wrote;

“Dear Queens It’s better to be in an abusive marriage where the man provides all your need, than settling with a broke man who will ruin your life with his poverty thinking brain.”

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