A Nigerian Pharmacist has taken to the microblogging platform, Twitter, to share an experience he had with a 70-year-old man who recently visited his office.

Pharmacist Emeka revealed that the man walked in and asked for an eyedrop known as “Doctor Jesus The Healer”.

Emeka didn’t have that product and he’d never heard of it until the man showed him a sample of what he was talking about.

According to the elderly man, it is used to treat glaucoma.

Sharing the photos, he wrote ;

A 70 year old man walked into my office and asked if we have “doctor Jesus the healer” eyedrop. I asked him what it’s used to treat and he said glaucoma. I told him I’ve never heard of it and asked if he came with the old one he used, he said yes and gave me this.

In another tweet, the Pharmacist averred that religion will be the end of many people in the country.

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