Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best/most famous footballer in the world and Beyonce is one of the best music singer in the world and they have been the topic of discussion for days on Twitter NG.

Despite being the most followed celebrity on Instagram, with over 477 million followers, a lady insists that Ronaldo is not as popular as Beyonce.

Twitter user, @imoteda insists that football players aren’t as famous as Beyonce because she can’t recognize at least two players. Here’s what she wrote;

“So many people think football players are crazy popular. It’s so weird. Like how can you say a football player is more popular than Beyonce? Then name two football players that even I wouldn’t recognize.


This analysis did not sit well with the netizens and they spent the day arguing and dropping proof to state otherwise. While some took the matter seriously and provided hard facts, others made their valid point in the typical nigeran fashion, with a lot of comic relief.

Yemi Alade speaks
Here are some debate points;

“Beyoncé don sell Frozen foods for Iyana Ipaja before ?”

“Beyoncé can never kill life chicken and delivers for free sorry”

“When Beyonce get to this level Then we can talk”

“Do they know Beyonce in Zamfara, Jigawa, Yobe, Katsina etc Let alone Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, Etc. Football transcend religion n culture. Many cultures n religion forbid “a Beyonce” but non forbids Messi n Ronaldo. Football is life.”

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