Beyoncé recently opened up about her daughter Blue Ivy Carter’s experience with negative online comments following her first performance.

The revelation came during the premiere of the Renaissance film in Los Angeles on Saturday, Nov. 25.

According to Beyoncé, Blue Ivy expressed her desire to perform, but initially, her mother hesitated.

Eventually, Beyoncé gave in and allowed her daughter to join her on stage for a one-time performance.

Disappointingly, after the show, Beyoncé discovered that Blue Ivy, who is just 11 years old, had gone online and encountered critical comments about her dance moves being labeled as “uninspired” and “stiff.” 

Critics even went as far as suggesting that Blue Ivy’s presence on stage was solely due to her mother’s fame, rather than her own talent.

With one saying: “I’m sorry but Blue Ivy isn’t doing it for me on these tours. It’s giving I’m a star because my mom’s famous not because I’m actually good.”

Beyoncé revealed feeling “dismayed” upon learning that her daughter had been exposed to such negativity.

However, she was thrilled when Blue Ivy decided not back down and put in the effort to improve instead of giving up.

As a result, Blue Ivy continued to dance alongside her mother during subsequent stops on the tour, demonstrating her power and determination.

In response to this incident, fans have taken to social media, condemning the act of trolling children and expressing their support for Blue Ivy.

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