Tina Knowles, the mother of pop queen Beyoncé, has come forward to address online critics accusing her daughter of lightening her skin.

The controversy arose after a video posted on Instagram showed Beyoncé appearing to have lighter skin at the premiere of the Renaissance concert film.

Knowles, 69, responded to the mocking comments on social media, defending her daughter against the allegations.

Some commenters went as far as suggesting that Beyoncé was trying to be white or that she was no longer a Black woman.

Expressing her frustration, she took to Instagram to address the accusations in a lengthy caption accompanying the video.

She clarified that Beyoncé’s appearance was solely for the Renaissance documentary, where the theme revolved around silver, including silver hair and attire.

She criticized the commenters for misinterpreting the fashion choice and perpetuating a narrative of hate and jealousy.

In her response, she emphasized that Beyoncé’s outfit was a fashion statement and not an attempt to lighten her skin.

She also highlighted the historical presence of black entertainers who had worn similar styles, including Etta James.

she concluded her post by dismissing the accusations and referring to Beyoncé as an “alien superstar” who embraced her unique style.

The incident has caused a lot of buzz online and shows the unfortunate reality of online criticism.

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