A young Nigerian man has narrated how he went broke and ran into debt after throwing an extravagant wedding.

The married man, who claimed to be earning millions monthly before the wedding, said things weren’t going as smoothly in the months leading up to the wedding, and since the wedding date had been fixed, he used his business money to fund the ceremony to save face.

He said instead of paying off over N5 million he was owing some people at the time, he was bent on holding a grandiose wedding, believing that all losses would be made up after the wedding.

Sadly, things didn’t work out the way he had hoped and only became worse after the wedding. He was in debt and went broke.

Speaking in an interview with media personality, Lucky Udu, the man who stated that he eventually regretted his decision described it as the “biggest mistake of his life”.

Watch him speak below,

The man’s tale was received with mixed reactions. While some felt sorry for him, others pointed out discrepancies in his story. Read some reactions as you scroll.

Reacting an Instagram user @Gafar9951 wrote, “You’re making 1m monthly for how many months or years? I was wondering if you spend 2m on wedding how would that affect you if you have made 1m for one and half year in every month.”

Nicebobby101, “But the guy doesn’t look like someone that makes such money. Money no dey lie, no matter how low key u want to keep yourself. This is reality no be insult.”


“If u know u can mk this money from freelancing, why bother going into the other business that u even need to borrow money to invest? Abeg tell people that u want them to come and buy some pdf u downloaded on the internet about freelancer and stop the pity and/or the motivational talks behind your marketing.”

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