An Akwa-Ibom-based life band entertainer, Soundcraft, has called his wife out online after finding out that she had allegedly been cheating on him.

Soundcraft, who’s presumed to have confronted his wife after the shocking discovery, in a post on his Facebook page, also alleged that she told him he’s not the biological father of their kids.

He said he decided to clear the air about the paternity of the children because of his status, so that no one calls him out or accuses him of being a deadbeat when they see them suffering.

He lamented how he has been struggling to give the children the best life, sending them to the best school with each of their school fees costing over 200,000 naira, only to discover that he’s not their biological father.

“Just came to realize that I’m not the biological father of these kids. She said it to my face this morning that I’m not their biological father…neighbors around were so shocked to hear hear vomit such words. So all this while I have been suffering in vain”, he wrote in part.

To back his claim that his wife has been cheating on him, he shared screenshots of her purported chat with a man whose number she saved as “Pastor’s wife.”

In a follow-up post, the aggrieved man stated that not even his dead mother could make him take down his initial post about the children’s paternity and his wife’s alleged infidelity.

Read the chats below,

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