Blac Chyna removes

American model and socialite, Blac Chyna has undergone a laser procedure to remove a ‘demonic’ tattoo from her hip as she continues her healing journey.

Blac Chyna was recently in the news for quitting OnlyFans, removing her butt implants and face fillers as part of her decision to reinvent herself.

This time, she has decided to laser off the Baphomet tattoo from her hip that she inked in 2021, just a few days after reversing her cosmetic procedure.

 Blac Chyna removes

The former stripper posted a video of her at Clear Out Ink Laser Tattoo Removal in Las Vegas, and wrote in part, “Thank you God, for saving me. Removing this Baphomet tattoo. I’m sending all this energy back to the owner.”

According to the mother of two, she began the “life-changing journey” after discovering religion. She has also returned to using her birthname ‘Angela White’ instead of Blac Chyna, which gave her fame and popularity.

She also mentioned Baphomet’s connection to the occult and Satanism in her lengthy caption, claiming the deity’s goals are to “create and spread chaos, abuse and torment his victims.”

Blac Chyna recently narrated how getting baptized and finding God again inspired her dramatic physical and mental overhaul, which included dissolving her filler, quitting her career with OnlyFans because it was “degrading,” and letting go of her infamous stage name in favor of embracing her birth name.

Watch the clip below,

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