Self-acclaimed relationship therapist, Blessing Okoro, has shared her experience with an artist who drew a portrait of her.

Blessing Okoro says

According to Blessing, the artist who happens to be her fan, made a portrait of her and asked for N120k in exchange for the artwork when she offered to buy it.

Sharing screenshots of the conversation that ensued between them, Blessing stated that this is one of the reasons why the rich run from the poor because they are always trying to rip them off.

Blessing Okoro says

She wrote on Instagram,

“Let us judge this matter…

So a random fan drew me, put it in her story, I saw it and acknowledged it, to support her I said frame it and send me I will pay for it. According to her, she famed it and asked me to pay 120k, added her account no. I felt irritated, I ignored her, she brought it down to 70k.

Now it’s funny how she is giving me price for something I willing wanted to buy to recipocrate love back. So I kuku told her to take to the art gallery and sell it for same price.

Funny enough I get artwaorks over 12 as gifts free. Now you see why the rich run from the poor.

Now you see why people especially celebrities never respond to you, because you always want to rip them off.

Change your mindset and stop being a collected, honestly I wanted to dash her 100k.

Learn to be a giver, you must not always collect.”

Read their chats below,

Blessing Okoro says

Blessing Okoro says

Blessing Okoro says

See her post below,

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  1. So because opportunity comes but once, he decided to fool his destiny. How I wish some of have have the opportunity to talk to Ma Blessing like this guy. Humility is the key

  2. Blessing is a cheap skate and disrespectful. The artist put a value to her work the same way you put a value to yours. If you think 120 K is too much, well offer her 100k like you said you wanted to. But no need for the rich people comment. If you are that rich then pay the artist.

  3. You are right ma if I use to be the one is will just send it and I will say madam I have sent it oooo, in fact I learned from what you said peopt should len how to give is very important no matter how small especially the poor should len how to give the rich because it makes value for the rich and the rich will understand that Ifit have more than that he will do more,mrs blessing okoro please just do what your mind tell you, thanks for the advice for the poor I too learn from it

  4. Blessing stop fooling yourself and pay for the art work, the girl brought out time to really create a very good artwork for you. Looking so real in the artwork. Appreciate and pay the shikiri 120k you don over pass this level. You’re not supposed to bring this to social media. Abeg pay and stop shaming yourself.

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