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We reported earlier today that only daughter of Late music Legend, Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina passed away. Following the death of the 22 year old, people began to speculate who would inherit the fortune of her late mum, which was left in her name.

Logically, it’s okay to say that Bobby Brown would be the one to inherit the fortune, (her estate), it is now being revealed that he won’t be getting a penny.

According to TMZ,

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We’ve seen a copy of Whitney’s will, which established a trust in which Bobbi Kristina got 1/10 of Whitney’s estate when she turned 21.
Bobbi Kristina was set to get 1/6 of the balance when she turned 25, but that will not happen since she died tragically at 22.
Whitney’s will provided that if Bobbi Kristina died before reaching 25, all the money would go to the people Whitney designated. Translation, Bobbi Kristina had no authority to give away 9/10 of Whitney’s fortune.
As for who Whitney designated … mother Cissy and brothers Michael and Gary. The will also gives Bobby Brown a cut, but there’s an issue. The will is worded to “my husband, Robert B. Brown.” Obviously, the will was drafted before they divorced in 2007, and the issue is whether Bobby still qualifies since he is no longer her husband.
According to the law of New Jersey, where the will was drafted, Bobby will NOT get the money because being Whitney’s husband is a qualifier which he no longer meets.

He had earlier broken his silence following the news of her death. It is almost a week after Bobby Brown welcomed a baby girl with his wife that he lost his daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

Bobby Daughter

The heartbroken father broke his silence in a statement to E!news.

“Krissy was and is an angel. I am completely numb at this time. My family must find a way to live with her in spirit and honor her memory. Our loss is unimaginable,We thank everyone for the prayers for Krissy and our family as we mourn my baby girl.”

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