Popular life coach, Solomon Buchi has criticized the controversial crossdresser Bobrisky for claiming to be a woman.

The crossdresser complained on his page that only in Nigeria would people continue to question someone else’s gender even after they had identified it for themselves.

He wrote:

“Only in Nigeria people argue your gender with you. I say am a girl some are still doubting. Until i spread my kpekus on air before una believe mtwww”

Solomon Buchi criticized the crossdresser in the comment section.

The life coach asserted that Bobrisky disrespects womanhood and that nothing he does will be able to make him change his gender.

He went on to say that regardless of whether Bobrisky replaces his reproductive organ, his DNA would always prove him to be a man, and no surgery on the planet will ever change that.

In his words;
“Bobrisky actually denigrates womanhood. Bob, gender is not a costume that you can put on and off. You’re a man. A red blooded man. Even if you go through surgeries to become trans***, you’re still a man.
Your gender isn’t just in your sexual organs. It’s down into your bones; your DNA. Such that if one dies and is buried, 100 years later, they can check through the bones and know that he was male. Bobrisky, na man you be.”

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