Nollywood actress, Belinda Effah, has taken to social media to plead with the public to address her by her new name, Grace-Charis Bassey.

The actress revealed she decided to change her name after learning that the name Belinda means “pretty serpent”.

In series of Instagram posts, she wrote,

“I Bore The Name Belinda Without Knowing The Meaning- Pretty Serpent. Faster Forward To When People Started Asking Me The Meaning Of My Name . I Decided To Research The Meaning Of My Name .

Dear World Please Kindly Endeavor To Effect My Name Change Grace-Charis Bassey Effah (GCB), This Is my Decision. No Offense To Those Bearing Linda or Belinda, as I Respect Every Linda’s out There. My Destiny Is Different From Theirs. What Might Work For Them Might Not Work For Others. I Have Chosen My Path and I Am Following It

Look Art Me – The World Is At My Feet – I Am A Queen , ROYALTY . Call Me Queen GCB . I Am Queening On Everything and On Every Side . The Lines Are Falling For Me In Pleasant Places. All Hail Queen GCB

Everyone Is Entitled To Their Opinion. Whether It Sucks Or Not, Its an Opinion. The Journey To Success Starts From The Point Of Knowing Who You Are. So Today I Ask You – WHO ARE YOU? Please Humor Me To Put a few words on the comment session . If You Have Observed My Recent Post With The End Credit Hastags , It Speaks Of Who I Am. Make Your Daily Confession of Who You Are Everyday, One Love”.

See her post below,



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