Lady recounts

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to recount how she was physically abused and tortured by her biological parents for years.

The lady, identified as @Love24Kay on Twitter, said she was subjected to inhumane treatments by her religious parents because they felt she was not “born again enough”.

Detailing some of the agonizing punishments she suffered, the lady said she hated Jesus, the church and her parents for years, and battled with low self-esteem issues.

According to her, she got married at the young age of 18 because she wanted to leave her parent’s house by all means. She added that she still finds it difficult to forgive them till date.

Read her heartbreaking post below,

“My mom beat me and out pepper inside my vagina for going to my neighbor who is a boy house. My dad beats me till I faint bleeding from my nose, I’ve fainted in school due to beating, eyes, mouth and body swollen for smallest mistakes.
They refused to send me to the university.

Because to them I’m not born again enough, or good Christian enough, if I go to the university, the freedom there will move me farther from Christ. I’ll be beaten like a criminal if I don’t go to church.
I hated Jesus, church, religion, my parents for years.

I had serious case of low self-esteem, couldn’t walk with my head up high, I still can’t till now, attempted suicide thrice.
Became hateful, spiteful, I would imagine evil things happening to them. I even thought of setting the whole house on fire once.
Couldn’t heal.

I got married at 18, to leave the house yeah. Didn’t call or contact my parents for 4 years after my marriage.
I’m still healing, picking up pieces of my childhood, trying not be the same with my kids.
Trying to find a way to let go and forgive. We talk once in a while now.”

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